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August 21, 2016



I try to do as much variety as I can to stay fit and not get bored. Currently I play for two different rugby teams, and I work out at Orange Theory Fitness a few times per week.

My life has always been active and filled with sports. My parents were active and often outdoors and I suppose it just got passed down. On my dad’s side I was the only granddaughter so I always played with the boys.

In elementary school my activities grew to a variety of sports and rec leagues. In high school I specialized in wrestling and rugby. I was offered wrestling scholarships from two different universities, but I chose rugby as my main sport.

Working out is good for the longevity of your body and it makes me feel good about myself. It’s also a huge stress relief. The community networks I’ve built up by being involved in sport & activity have become a very integral part of my life.

I’m pretty selective about what I eat because with the amount of training I do I need to consume more than the average person to fuel my body and aid in active recovery. I do a lot of meal prep during the week.

People who are just starting out need to harness that initial energy and realize there will never be a perfect time to start. It’s always brutal before you go but feels so much better afterwards. It’s easy once you’ve got that habit formed.

I currently have an admin/sales position at a fitness studio. Longer term I’d like to have a job that made meaningful travel easier, and if that means staying in the fitness industry that would be great.

Sometimes the challenge is not getting burned out by being too involved in team committees & communities. Time and motivation can be difficult but once you remember why you started and how good it feels it’s pretty easy to get motivated.

I’d love to play rugby internationally again. I had a few exhibition games in Asia and was able to play a full season in Australia. We won the premiership that year and that was awesome!

Playing internationally was a riot and I learned so much from those experiences. It made me a better athlete as a whole and increased my knowledge of the game.

I don’t put a lot of merit into brand names, although I do like my Nike rugby cleats. As long as I feel good in it and I’m comfortable, I’ll wear it. I have everything from Lululemon to hand-me-downs from my mom and brothers. I’ve also traded a lot of clothes throughout my travels. I did go through a shoe phase for a couple of months but that was it.