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July 15, 2016


I do mainly running now as I was a U of S Huskie Track & Field athlete. I like to work out in the gym, and I also do a couple of community workouts each week. That way you get to exercise outside and enjoy the summer weather.

I’ve played most sports ever since I can remember. My parents always had me outside. I can remember changing from football to hockey in the back of the van as we were driving to the rink. We were always at the rink in the winter.

I think I could skate ever since I could walk.

When I was 8 or 9 my sister lived about three quarters of a kilometre away, and my mom and I would run there to visit her and my nephews. My mom really got into running and about a year later ran marathons, eventually qualifying for Boston. She put me in little races and I started running those. I always looked up to her because she fit in her running while being so busy with our family. We travelled with her to some races.

It was inspiring watching mom run the Boston Marathon!

I want to move freely, and be up for any challenges that come my way. By leading a healthy and active lifestyle, I also hope to inspire others to be fit and enjoy the outdoors.

I try not to eat anything that will upset my stomach a couple of hours before a workout. I also eat post workout meals like bananas and chocolate milk, maybe in a smoothie with stuff that will replenish the nutrients I need. I eat balanced meals and try not to eat too much of one thing. But I always have time to indulge in a bit of chocolate!

Find something you enjoy, and workout with a buddy or group that keeps you accountable. It should be something that you look forward to. Always try to move forward in your fitness goals.

I just graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a Bachelor of Education. For the summer I’m working at a couple of fitness retailers. I enjoy that because they both promote healthy lifestyles, and have communities that encourage fitness. That allows me to share my thoughts with like-minded people that have the same motivation.

About three years ago I started coaching a junior girls basketball team and absolutely loved it! I knew I wanted to be a coach and it solidified my career choice as a teacher. This past year I was head coach for both track and field and cross country.

I try to mix up running with weight training and sports like tennis and basketball so I’m not always doing the same thing. But sometimes it’s hard to get out when it’s cold or rainy. We all have our peaks and valleys.

I’m finishing my track career so I want to focus on road races, starting with trying to beat my 10k personal best. Long-term, I want to start doing some half marathons and marathons and eventually qualify for Boston.

Most of my workout gear comes from Running Room or Lululemon.

Shirt: New Balance
Shorts: Adidas
Socks: Nike
Shoes: Mizuno Inspire
Sport Watch: Nike Plus

Street Style
Shirt: Hunter’s Moose Jaw
Pants: Sears
Shoes: Spring
Socks: Instance Blue Jays