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Road to Boston

July 22, 2016


I do running, strength training, soccer, and hot yoga. I also try out lots of classes at the gyms around Regina, and do water sports at the lake. A few years ago I got my kettlebells certificate and I use them as my strength training. Kettlebells are great to travel with – you just throw them in the trunk! You can work all major muscle groups and improve your flexibility and joint mobility.

I have always been active: I played soccer as I was growing up and continued playing in high school. I’ve always had that drive and liked competition.

After high school I needed something to do on my own and so I got into running. I got hooked on that and found I could still be competitive. But I’ve always had a healthy lifestyle due to my mom and sister. My mom is a very healthy, active lady and my sister plays sports as well.

One of the things that keeps me motivated is the adrenaline rush you get from exercise. The serotonin is flowing after a workout and you’re just on cloud nine!

I enjoy it – that’s my happy place and time. I love going to workout classes with friends of mine and doing things with people that are active. I don’t sit still well!

Fitness gives you mental clarity and balance – I think everyone should try to incorporate exercise into their life. It helps if you have a workout buddy.  You might have to do a bit of soul searching to find the right activities and balance them with the rest of your life.

I used to eat whey powders and protein shakes but recently I’ve been going to a naturopath. He’s put me on pretty much a paleo diet.

Basically I’m sugar free, grain free, and dairy free. It’s helped me with my training immensely: I’ve noticed a huge difference.

I’m a dental assistant. Usually I get up pretty early and do weights before I go to work. Lately I’ve gotten into longer distances so I usually use my evenings for runs. I also work a second job so on those days I try to squeeze in a shorter run.

I have worked as a personal trainer in gyms before but right now I’m just training some family and friends because I’m really focused on my running.

My biggest workout challenge is finding the time while working two jobs. My long-term goal is to run the Boston Marathon, but right now I’m focusing on running the Queen City Marathon.  QCM will be my first full marathon but I’m going to use it to try and qualify for Boston. I’ve crushed eight half marathons now as well as a Tough Mudder and a Spartan race so I think I’m ready.

You can probably always find me with a pair of Hillberg & Berk sparkle ball earrings.I always change my colours and match them. Especially working in dental: we wear scrubs so I dress it up with nice earrings. I like Kate Spade as well as some Michael Kors earrings: anything flashy and shiny! They are kind of my signature style.

Lately I’ve had my little Lokai bracelet: it’s got a little bit of dirt from Mount Everest and sand from the Dead Sea, so it symbolizes balance because those are the highest and lowest points on earth. I also like my Pisces necklace and it rarely comes off!

For footwear Birkenstocks are super comfy, as are Sanuks because they’re made out of yoga mats. I’m usually in leggings or skinny jeans and a t shirt! For sportswear I like Nike and Under Armour, and Lululemon sports bras. Ten Tree is also a good brand, as is North Face for hiking. I usually just want to be comfortable and mix fitness wear with my street style a lot.

Pink Kettlebell
Tank: Savage by 22Fresh
Capris: Nike
Shoes: Nike
Earrings: Hillberg & Berk
Bracelet: Lokai
Necklace: Pisces

Blue Kettlebell
Sleeveless Hoodie: Nike
Leggings: Under Armour
Shoes: Sanuks

Lake Sunset
Top: Stay+ by good hYOUman
Leggings: Under Armour